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Facebook Growth

OK, this is pretty amazing.
Facebook Surpasses 175 Million Users, Continuing to Grow by 600k Users/DayFebruary
It grew from 150,000,000 users in January to 175,000,000 users today.
“- 45% of Facebook’s US audience is now 26 years old or older.
– The fastest growing segment in the US: Women over 55, up 175.3% in the last 120 days. Facebook growing faster with women than men in almost every age group.
– The number of people on Facebook grew by over 10% monthly in 52 countries in January. It grew by over 20% monthly in January in 13 countries.
– Facebook’s monthly growth accelerated by at least 25% in 30 countries in January vs. December 2008.”

Posted on: February 16, 2009, 3:06 pm Category: Uncategorized

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