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MapQuest versus Google Maps?

In the battle between Google Maps and MapQuest, which one do you use?
Do you one for personal directions and another for your library website? I used to use MapQuest but now use Google Maps mostly. I still find some weird directions but that happens with Silicon Sally on the car GPS’s too, not that I’m the one driving.
I suspect Google Maps is used more for library websites due to it’s easy API that allows for easier integration. I can’t imagine a good library website without a proper map and directions for walking or driving to every branch. It’s so easy and, really, what good is just a simple address unless you’ve lived in town for years?
And besides, the Google Earth and satellite views are just plain fun.
Add this to a good SEO plan where you find the library – in addition to the local bookstores – when you search on books in Google and you’re golden.

Posted on: February 16, 2009, 3:54 pm Category: Uncategorized