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MapQuest versus Google Maps?

In the battle between Google Maps and MapQuest, which one do you use?
Do you one for personal directions and another for your library website? I used to use MapQuest but now use Google Maps mostly. I still find some weird directions but that happens with Silicon Sally on the car GPS’s too, not that I’m the one driving.
I suspect Google Maps is used more for library websites due to it’s easy API that allows for easier integration. I can’t imagine a good library website without a proper map and directions for walking or driving to every branch. It’s so easy and, really, what good is just a simple address unless you’ve lived in town for years?
And besides, the Google Earth and satellite views are just plain fun.
Add this to a good SEO plan where you find the library – in addition to the local bookstores – when you search on books in Google and you’re golden.

Posted on: February 16, 2009, 3:54 pm Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Diane-Helene Caouette said

    the next year budget for CISTI will be 30% of the existing budget.
    300 of us will possibly lose their jobs.
    The message is: our existing government does not believe in science.
    The Canadian government cannot maintain the unique national library of science, technology and medicine?
    This is a huge mistake and will make a disastrous impact on Canadians in the future.
    What will be the impact?
    – If scientific, medical and technical information is made difficult to access for Canadian researchers, performance of the Canadian researchers will decline.
    – If their performance decline, the funding will be cut.
    – If funding is cut, researchers mill emigrate to the United States or other countries where funding for science is available
    – Canada will be further behind as a country in the global market for research and innovation.
    – Our Canadian standard of living will decline
    – The following socio economic issues will not be addressed: aging population which is taxing our health system with chronic diseases, deterioration of the environment to a point of non-return and a huge increase in energy consumption,
    – etc…………
    Where did the NRC strategic plan go?
    Science technology and communication was identified in the NRC strategic plan as key sector that National Research Council should focus on
    CISTI is Science technology and communication.
    Here is a summary of the NRC stratefic plan:
    Good article:
    Any idea on how to protest this decision is welcome.
    What a shame.
    I am in grief right now.
    Diane-Hélène Caouette
    Diane-Hélène Caouette
    National Research Council, Building M-55
    1200 Montreal Road
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0S2
    Government of Canada
    Conseil National de Recherches Canada
    1200 rue Montréal
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0S2
    Gouvernement du Canada