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Teaching Facebook Literacy

OK, I know folks are fearful of Facebook this week. Apparently changing (and then recanting but not permanently) content ownership rights and privacy policies is hitting epidemic proportions. Who’d have thunk that OCLC could give the bug to Facebook?! The essence of the web really is viral.
Anyway, just in case you need a refresher:
Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know
From the AllFacebook Blog
Here’s the ten – and the details are in the posting. This looks like a lunch and learn discussion for staff and students.
1. Use Your Friend Lists
2. Remove Yourself From Facebook Search Results
3. Remove Yourself From Google
4. Avoid the Infamous Photo/Video Tag Mistake
5. Protect Your Albums
6. Prevent Stories From Showing Up in Your Friends’ News Feeds
7. Protect Against Published Application Stories
8. Make Your Contact Information Private
9. Avoid Embarrassing Wall Posts
10. Keep Your Friendships Private
These are not absolute recommendations to build a wall around yourself anymore than you’ll be safer if you don’t have any relationships at all since most people are murdered by someone they know. It just means that you should be careful and mindful.
Lord knows that I have a life on the web that surprises me. This photo has a life and has turned up in odd places which required me to note that it was Halloween and I don’t normally dress like this for work. Context is everything.
I am waiting for the first Senate, Cabinet or Supreme Court nomination hearing where the nominee’s Facebook wall gets entered into the testimony!


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