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The Library Rebooted

I am enchanted with this series of article that I discovered in a free airline copy of the magazine Straegy + Business. The cover story was about the transformation of NYPL and was written by consultants at Booz & Company.
I heartily recommend it.
The Library Rebooted” by Scott Corwin, Elisabeth Hartley & Harry Hawkes (Booz & Company)
Strategy + Business, Spring 2009, pp. 78-89
“Reinventing the Role of Research Libraries” by Paul LeClerc, Pres/CEO, NYPL
“Why Libraries are Good Investments” by Stephen Schwarzman, Chm/CEO, The Blackstone Group ($100 million gift to NYPL)
7 Imperatives for Library Leadership
1. Rethink the operating model
2. Understand and respond to user needs
3. Embrace the concept of continuous innovation
4. Forge a digital identity
5. Connect with stakeholders in ways that pure internet companies cannot
6. Expand the metrics
7. Be courageous
It’s a must read and you can find the link to it here. (Requires free registration)

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