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Cloud Computing

I’ve given a few talks lately and I was surprised to get a few questions about “what is cloud computing?” I guess I really do live in the bubble. Then again I have had my share of what is YouTube? eBay? iTunes? questions lately too. I guess there are other bubbles.
And it is actually much more than providing applications like Zoho and Google Docs.
Anyway, here’s a link:
10 Cloud Computing Companies to Watch
“Cloud computing is spreading through the IT world like wildfire, with innovative start-ups and established vendors alike clamoring for customer attention. Generally speaking, cloud providers fall into three categories: software-as-a-service providers (SaaS); infrastructure-as-a-service vendors that offer Web-based access to storage and computing power; and platform-as-a-service vendors that give developers the tools to build and host Web applications.”
Read the article but who are those companies?:
1. Amazon
2. AT&T
3. Enomaly
4. Google
5. GoGrid
6. Microsoft
7. NetSuite
8. Rackspace
9. Rightscale
It is a who’s who of IT companies.
SirsiDynix offers both SaaS and hosting. The good news is that this architecture offers savings on TCO (total cost of ownership) of up to 50%. We have well over 550 library systems on SaaS already including some high security environments. In these difficult economic times there is no reason not to consider SaaS architectures.

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  1. Jeff said

    Hi Stephen-
    I just wanted to supplement your mentioning of Microsoft with a few examples of what Microsoft is working on in the realm of cloud computing. On one end there are services like Office Live Workspace (, which allow anytime, anywhere access to important files or provide a way for online collaboration, to the other end of the spectrum with the development of Azure which is best explained here-
    It is certainly an exciting time and I am looking forward to seeing where the clouds will take us.
    MSFT Office Live Outreach

  2. Egnyte is a great option for someone looking for a cloud based service. They offer features others do not and one of the most important is the local cloud option for off line access. From reading these comments I think one of the biggest concerns was privacy and fear of losing data. Egnyte covers all the issues and I know has customers like CPA’s, financial services etc.