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Personal Branding has a good article on personal branding last week.
Personal Branding: 8 Tips That Will Help You Stand Out
by Catherine Kaputa
I liked it. Are you a cookie-cutter librarian? Are you treated like one? Does it feel like some people think that anyone can work that desk, teach that course, answer that question, manage that team, interchangeably? That’s awful and it’s in your control to change that over time with these few tips.
1. Stay focused.
2. Differentiate your brand.
3. When others zig, you should zag.
4. Use words wisely. Tell a story.
5. Make a visual statement.
6. Establish powerful alliances.
7. Define and prioritize your target markets.
8. Take charge of your brand.
Personal branding means that you focus on your message, your scope, your market, your appearance, and your style. Read the whole article and check out “<em>Build a Better Online Persona in Four Steps>” too.
“Complacency is the death knell for any brand. If your capabilities or accomplishments seem out of step with the current marketplace and with your competitors, it may be time to revisit, reinvent or update your brand.”
What do you want people to say makes you different – in a better way? What does a Googling you say about you? What does your Facebook page and webpage say about you? What makes you special?
Good advice.

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