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What will disappear?

Just playing around on the plane on the way to CLA in Montreal I tried to think of what stuff might not be around in ten years. Here’s my list:
1. DVD
3. Free Print Yellow Pages
4. Free Print White pages
5. Most local newspapers and print reporting
6. Most print directories for industries and professions
7. Most US car companies, many US brands and local dealers
8. A least one (Borders?) and maybe more national bookstore chains
9. Many popular magazine titles in print
10. Significant numbers of local schools as the birth rate drops and Millennials delay for education and economic issues.
11. Desktop computers
12. Most bank branches
Anyone want to name a brandname or corporate name that will remain unchanged for ten more years?
It’s not too controversial but when folks still tell me that vinyl records are important . . . and the Library of Congress lists 78 RPM records as the most stable media format, we’re in for a fun ride.

Posted on: May 28, 2009, 10:26 am Category: Uncategorized

5 Responses

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  1. Kleenex? I doubt that’s going to disappear.

  2. lotus said

    i have to disagree about print magazines – people are always going to need stuff to read in the bathroom, on planes, and in waiting rooms. (though i may be wrong if people are already taking their iphones and whatnot in the bathroom with them to amuse them at that time, but that sounds so gross.)

  3. Patty said

    I think many branch libraries will not be around in 10 years. Libraries will still exist, but only one in the community.
    There will only be one university library for large research universities. There will only be one law library for large, world-wide law firms. There will only be one corporate library for large, world-wide corporations.

  4. Jessica said

    Stephen, do you know if it’s simply an april fools prank or did LoC actually come to the conclusion that 78 rpm recordings were the most stable?
    –A sucker in waiting
    Half true – stable but not a strategy.

  5. I agree with lotus’ comment on (i)phones in the bathroom. I do hope that newspapers and phonebooks will always be in print, as the keywords for them aren’t always clearcut online. I do have a fair-sized collection of vinyl records, so I hope that music will still be available in more than one form, that is downloadable,
    Just note that I said free phonebooks….