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Using the Social Web to Promote Ideas

Gary Hayes has offered up a wonderful photo graphically arraying key Web 2.0 social networking sites to promote ideas to the world. This version is copyright Gary Hayes under Creative Commons licensing:


“By Gary Hayes and Laurel Papworth – From a presentation I gave at SPAA Fringe on Saturday 25 Oct 2008 in Sydney. Concepts behind this covered in the slides embedded on
* INVOLVE – live the social web, understand it, this cannot be faked
* CREATE – make relevant content for communities of interest
* DISCUSS – no conversation around it, then the content may as well not exist
* PROMOTE – actively, respectfully, promote the content with the networks
* MEASURE – monitor, iteratively develop and respond or be damned!”
Use this photo as a discussion starter about how your library will promote the idea of the library!


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