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Google Apps

We should look with some caution on the adoption of Google Apps on the enterpise or municipal scale.
Washington, D.C., is the first major U.S. city to sign up for Google Apps for everyone ($50 per user per year service). Los Angeles is apparently considering it next. Some universities have done so as well.
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“If approved, Los Angeles would be the second major city after Washington, D.C., to use Google’s internet-based services, known as Google Apps. The company has been promoting the package to other government agencies, too, as a way to cut costs and ensure access to Google-developed technical innovations. Google said in a statement that more than 1.75 million businesses use the technology. An unknown number of them pay the Mountain View-based company $50 per user per year for a premium version designed for businesses, government agencies and other robust needs.”
There are more secure ways to adopt cloud and SaaS computing with less risk. Libraries have long made an issue of protecting patrons’ privacy. I believe that it is important to make sure that
we continue to ensure that our hosted solutions are secure. We’ve been involved with providing secrure SaaS solutions for security conscious clients like the military and libraries for many years. It’s not easy but it can be done effectively.

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