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Why do people go online?

This is a useful study I found on ProBlogger blog. It’s from the results of an interesting study called the Ruder Finn Intent Index.
Basically they “classify people’s reasons for going online into 7 broad categories: Learn, Have Fun, Socialize, Express Yourself, Advocate, Do Business, and Shop.
Within the categories ‘pass time’ was the most responded to result with 100% of people saying that they go online for this reason.
You can also look at the results based upon gender and age. For example:
– Men go online to do business, be informed of news and be entertained more than women
– Women are more likely to go online to socialize and express themselves than men)
– Youth go online more for socializing, advocating and self expression than seniors
– Both Youth and Seniors are going online to have fun
Other highly rated areas (80% of responses or more) included:
– Educate Self (96%)
– Connect with Others (92%)
– Research (89%)
– Share (86%)
– Be Entertained (82%)
As I read through the categories and sub categories, I got a similar insight to ProBlobggers’s, I realized that this ‘list of reasons for people to go online is gold’ for libraries. I don’t think library portals and websites should cover everything here (shopping?) but it’s a great filter to review your site(s).
Anyone out there know of any research about why people read? Do you think ‘to pass the time’ might cover 100%?

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