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25 Predictions for the University of the Future

25 Predictions for the University of the Future
“Along with the rest of the world, the landscape of higher education is changing rapidly. Open source courses, new technology systems, digital collections in libraries, and social media are influencing how we receive and process our information. Students and faculty members communicate via different platforms than they used to, and an increasingly globalized society contributes to more competition and more access to valuable learning resources. Here are 25 predictions for how the university of the future will operate.”
Technology and Innovation
1. There will be more of an emphasis on distance learning
2. Traditional universities will be compelled to pursue open networks
3. Technology innovation will be a priority
4. Students will take a mix of online classes and on-campus courses
5. Focus will be on career-applicable skills and experiential learning
6. More collaboration
7. Open communication between students and teachers
8. Increased interaction on campus
9. Libraries will continue to become more tech-focused
10. Learning resources will shift online
11. There will be an increase in the variety of educational resources and materials
12. There will be an even greater focus on research universities
13. Faculty members in all fields will need to become “techies”
Student Body and Enrolment
14. More students in school
15. More minority students will enrol in college
16. More independent student body
17. Student projects will be acknowledged and encouraged
Global and Economic Issues
18. Increase in global networks and contacts
19. Increased global competition
20. More academic programs for skilled professions
21. Universities will have a more global perspective
22. More green majors
23. Green campuses
24. Green-oriented common curriculum
25. Shift to focus on local community
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