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Which Search Engine is Better?

I’ve talked about some of the research that has been done about whether Google is really as good as its market share would imply.
Here’s the research methodology that gives some interesting results. Take all three search engine results (Google, Yahoo!, Bing/MSN) and anonymize them. Show people the three sets of results and ask them which one is best for them – just rank them.
Here’s another research methodology. Take all three search engine results (Google, Yahoo!, Bing/MSN) and show the results under each brandname – show Google as the brand for all three, Show Bing as the brand for all three, etc. Ask people to rank their preferences. Now mix it up.
Check out these links:
Which Search Engine Do You Choose In The Blind Test? [Washington Post – TechCrunch]
“Have you tried out this blind search tool yet? It provides results from Google, Yahoo and Bing in three columns but doesn’t tell you which column is which search engine. You then tell it which one you think shows the best results, and you then see which answers are from which engines. I keep choosing Yahoo as the best results.”
Shocking Search News
“This search tool strips out all the branding, so you’re forced to really think about which results you like better. And early results showed a much more even distribution than Google’s 70% market share would suggest: Google: 44%, Bing: 33%, Yahoo: 23%. The score keeping feature was removed when people found a way to game it, but you can still run the test against yourself and see which search engine you really like the best. Too bad the one I seem to like will shortly be mothballed. The tool was created by Michael Kordahi, a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft.”
Anyway, I always say that Google is really really good at selling ads. Does that matter to you?
It’s time to decide with one of these engines disappearing soon (Yahoo!). Things are also heating up on the Google front too.
WOW: Google to Launch a New Version of Google Search
Google Caffeine: A Detailed Test of the New Google
This is very interesting and they’re heading for real-time search to compete with the trend. It’s just under construction right now but watch for search to heat up with only two real competitors.
Watch Out Twitter! Facebook Launches Realtime Search
When your students return to school in September (maybe August), what’s your advice going to be…?

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3 Responses

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  1. That was pretty interesting. I think Google cornered the market the way “Kleenex” or “Xerox” did in their industries with “Google-it.” I was a little surprised that on my test Bing came up. I guess that I like the results of Bing, but still don’t like the web-layout of it. I still think it’s tough to improve on the “Google layout.” If they modified it I might use it more.

  2. drdata said

    I have used Bing since it started. Pretty good and better, I think, than Google at images. I have read that they shade searches to Microsoft products. Haven’t seen it yet but, if true, a fatal error.
    But I just have started using and it is pretty good. And an unbeatable privacy policy.
    Google is not the latest word but they did set the bar very high for newer products.

  3. simon tanner said

    I ran this blind search 10 times on different searches. Simple one word searches to complex searches with lots of Boolean operators.
    In the blind test I chose Google results 10 times out of 10.
    go figure…
    Just goes to show why the world needs more than one or two search engines. Too bad that’s not going to happen. I do worry that people seem to be trying to pick a single winner in this race rather than promoting diversity of choice. Seems really more dangerous than old style monopolies.