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Using Social Media in Libraries

I am often asked “Where do we start with this socal media stuff?”. I often recommend David Lee King’s book, Designing the Digital Experience: How to Use Experience Design Tools. Now for the short course, check out this great post at the Lowrider Librarian blog:
Top Ten Technologies to Increase Communication in Your Organization
by Max Macias
The highlights of the list are (read the whole post after the link):
“1) Start a blog.
2) Start a Twitter feed.
3) Share your best practices on a Wiki.
4) Start an organizational discussion board.
5) Start a Facebook organizational page.
6) Start a YouTube or Vimeo channel.
7) Scrap that old print newsletter.
8) Incorporate social software into your organization.
9) Create a Flickr account to share organizational photos.
10) Begin or maintain an organizational culture that is free and open.”
In reality just start anywhere and make incremental progress. Committees are the enemy of progress, iterative play is its friend.

Posted on: October 16, 2009, 2:14 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Leah Krevit said

    I love Max’s blog and this posting was really helpful. Step-by-step is often the way to get disruptive technologies into everyone’s day-to-day world…