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Does Technology Make You Anti-Social?

Tech Geek Myth Busted: Top Ten Ways Technology Boosts Your Social Life
Quoting a Pew study, and yes, maybe I am a little defensive. “In 2006, a popular study by experts at Duke University and the University of Arizona concluded new technologies have been making loners of us since 1985. Earlier this month, this theory was challenged and perhaps debunked. New technologies actually increase our social interactions, not our isolation, the Pew Internet and American Life Project found.”
10. There’s been no significant jump in the number of truly isolated Americans.
9. Web users are more likely to seek counsel outside their own family.
8. Many 18-22-year-olds use social networking to keep in contact with nearly all of their key contacts.
7. Internet users like clubs.
6. Technology users have more “core” friends in their discussion networks.
5. Web users leave their rooms.
4. Cell phone and web users make better neighbors.
3. Technology users seek conversation outside their marriage.
2. Sharing those family vacation photos online might make you more politically open minded.
1. Bloggers have more racially diverse friends.
Anyway, it makes sense that when it is easier to stay in touch . . . you do.

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