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Wikipedia Losing Editors

Another Gizmodo find:

” In the first three months of 2009, the English-language Wikipedia suffered a net loss of more than 49,000 editors, compared to a net loss of 4,900 during the same period a year earlier.” [WSJ]
I recall when the Open Directory Project (anyone remember the ODP? Many librarians volunteered there). I recall it being part of Netscape and them AOL and then Time Warner and I don’t know whatever happened to it but the energy was lost. I suspect the sheer volume stymied it but it still hangs in there here.
The Wall Street Journal is picking up on this Wikipedia trend with:
Volunteers Log Off as Wikipedia Ages
Some attribute it to the changing are harder rule enforcement by Wikipedia, and some to there being fewer articles to finsh in English. Perhaps it’s just editor fatigue and/or burnout.
Anyway, if Wikipedia can’t stay fresh enough, and with some search engine quites dependent on its free editorial; services, things will get interesting.

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