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10 Biggest Challenges eBooks face

The Kindle Rebiew Blog has a great list:
10 Biggest Challenges eBooks face
“1.Poor range of books – Thanks to Publishers we just don’t have that many Books available in eBook form.
2.Pricing – Until the Kindle Store established the $9.99 price point eBook prices were unrealistic and there are still attempts to fight $9.99.
3.Perception that eBooks cost nothing to produce – On the other side of the spectrum is wishful thinking from readers that eBooks could be sold at $1 or $2.
4.Piracy and DRM – Perhaps the most attention grabbing roadblock to the growth of eBooks. We might need DRM to prevent indiscriminate piracy and indiscriminate pirates might use DRM as justification.
5.Platform wars + Format Wars – Too many platforms and too many formats and lack of interoperability.
6.People being inexperienced with eBooks – People just don’t know what to expect.
7.Lack of the richness of Physical books – eBooks don’t involve the senses in quite the same way. Plus they lack a lot of the uniqueness and character of physical books.
8.Perceived Poor Quality of eBooks – Some eBooks just aren’t well-crafted and it gives eBooks in general a bad name.
9.eInk not evolving fast enough i.e. page turns aren’t quick enough, no color, and so forth.
10.Competition and Race To Zero – Everyone wants to give away their book to build a fan base. Too bad the fan base starts off addicted to cheap and free.”
Read the whole post.
Nothing insurmountable but there are stil some hurdles to leap. Is it months,years or decades? We’ll see.

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