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Technology Predictions 2010

Technobabble 2.0 has summarized the Technology Predictions 2010 from the likes of IDC, Gartner, Screen Digest, Elemental Links, Freeform Dynamics, Quocirca, Interpret, etc.
Here are some highlights or check out the ful post here.
“IDC’s two big guesses are an “Apple iPad” and “Battles in the Cloud.” They have an excellent download detailing their full views here which I would recommend everyone to get. Their summary is as follows:
1.Growth will return to the IT industry in 2010. We predict 3.2% growth for the year, returning the industry to 2008 spending levels of about $1.5 trillion.
2.2010 will also see improved growth and stability in the worldwide
telecommunications market, with worldwide spending predicted to increase 3%.
3.Emerging markets will lead the IT recovery, with BRIC countries growing 8–13%.
4.Cloud computing will expand and mature as we see a strategic battle for cloud
platform leadership, new public cloud hot spots, private cloud offerings, cloud
appliances, and offerings that bridge public and private clouds.
5.It will be a watershed year in the ascension of mobile devices as strategic
platforms for commercial and enterprise developers as over 1 billion access the
Internet, iPhone apps triple, Android apps quintuple, and Apple’s “iPad” arrives.
6.Public networks — more important than ever — will continue their aggressive
evolution to fiber and 3G and 4G wireless. 4G will be overhyped, more wireless
networks will become “invisible,” and the FCC will regulate over-the-top VoIP.
7.Business applications will undergo a fundamental transformation — fusing
business applications with social/collaboration software and analytics into a new generation of “socialytic” apps, challenging current market leaders.
8.Rising energy costs and pressure from the Copenhagen Climate Change
Conference will make sustainability a source of renewed opportunity for the IT
industry in 2010.
9.Other industries will come out of the recession with a transformation agenda and look to IT as an increasingly important lever for these initiatives. Smart meters and electronic medical records will hit important adoption levels.
10.The IT industry’s transformations will drive a frenetic pace of M&A activity.
always one to beat the rush tend to name their strategic technologies in October for the next year.”
1.Cloud Computing.
2.Advanced Analytics.
3.Client Computing.
4.IT for Green.
5.Reshaping the Data Center.
6.Social Computing.
7.Security – Activity Monitoring.
8.Flash Memory.
9.Virtualization for Availability.
10.Mobile Applications.
Screen Digest
1.Facebook’s careful and progressive foray into Location-Based services will deal a deadly blow to many mobile LBS startups
2.SonyEricsson and Motorola’s handset businesses will face very serious existential crisis and possibly split up.
3.Sony is very likely to take another solo shot at mobile (especially if it wants to leverage the Playstation branding)
4.Palm will be acquired by a bigger fish
5.Sync services, Address Book/Social Network consolidation and cloud backups are going to be ubiquitous
6.Apple’s app store will remain an outlier in terms of success. Developers of crappy apps will blame everyone but themselves for not making any money.
App rejection horror stories will keep tech pundits busy yet customers won’t care.
7.Open source mobile software will keep tech pundits busy yet customers won’t care
8.A very bad year for Windows Mobile, Microsoft to (try to) unify all its scattered efforts in portable media (WinMo, Zune, Sidekick…)
9.A surprisingly high number of people will keep buying simple phones and not care about mobile web
10.Wholesale B2B mobile data deals (like Kindle content delivery) to bring in extra cash for operators (big for eBook readers, navigation and automotive industries)
11.Don’t hold your breath: Google hardware, iPhone nano, Android-based Nokias, decent mobile broadband speed & coverage.
12.Tempted to say no Apple Tablet in 2010 because, really, where’s the rush?
1.Process needs come to the fore (again). BPM players need to go to the cloud, feel the FaaS
2.Budgets do improve, but only for point projects.
3.Few platform projects outside of virtualisation…
4.Licence management issues force more vendors to subscription agreements – but small print still problematic
Other Analysts:
1.The biggest thing in IT in 2010 will be datacentres. but thanks to virtualisation they will be a tad lighter.
2. 2010: Event Processing transcends niche status, to well-recognized & adopted business technique for real-time visibility & responsiveness.
3.The real hot mobile topic in 2010 will shift from mobile apps to mobile services.
Edelman have had their own stab at gazing into the crystal ball looking at what 2010 and beyond may hold for the Economy, Business, Government and the Media. You can read the full content here .

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  1. Great predictions for 2010. Appistry a client of mine is compiling all the cloud predictions for 2010 from around the web here:
    I’ll be sure to add the insights you compiled come check them out and jump in the conversation.
    Happy holidays!