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Mobile and Colleges and Universities

Ryerson is a large full spectrun univiersity in Toronto – local to me.
I loved reading this posting in ResourceShelf about their survey of students and their use and preparedness for mobile applications.
Results of “Mobile Device” Survey from Ryerson University Library and Archives
The survey (results only from undergrads) looks at how these people are using mobile tools and resources in November, 2009.
It also serves as a follow-up to a November, 2008 survey about mobile devices/cell phones.
Questions include:
+ Ownership of Internet Capable Handheld Device
66% said they have a devices that’s capable.
+ Types of Phones/Devices
“Other” was the leader, followed by Blackberry
+ Internet Usage
Number one was email and two was Facebook/Twitter. The results also point out that 25% of people with Internet access on their phone/device do not use it.
+ Non-Internet Usage
Talking to friends/family was first.
+ Importance of Free WiFi
79% of undergrads said it was very important.
+ Currently Used Library Services
Over 50% were unaware of the mobile services the library offered.
+ Other Library Services Requested
Search articles and e-books were first and second.
+ Ownership of eBook Readers
2.5% had a dedicated e-book reader. It will be interesting to see if this number changes a lot with the recent introduction of the Kindle in Canada.
Access the Complete 2009 Survey Results
Source: Ryerson University Library and Archives”
Lovely job. And a model for other academic libraries to survey their own populations, if you haven’t already. It’s changing so fast that you do need to have current data.
Of course, this is in Canada where certain kinds of mobile access are way too expensive! You results will vary.

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