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9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media

Thanks to Elyssa at iLibrarian:
“Olivia Mitchell, presentation trainer and blogger, provides 9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media at Mashable. This helpful article offers tips for encouraging audience participation and feedback via new media tools such as Twitter and Facebook.
1.Build Relationships With Your Audience
2.Recruit a Backchannel Team
3.Create a Separate Hashtag
4.Welcome the Backchannel
5.Reach Out to Your Virtual Audience
6.Make Your Key Points Tweetable
7.Audience Participation Through Social Media
8.Display the Backchannel When You Want to Focus on It
9.Learn From the Backchannel”
I have to say that many of these tips require practice. It can be very disconcerting to follow tweets while you’re speaking. It can also throw you off your game if the audience laughs at a tweet out of cotext to what you’re saying. Some have even experienced some abuse through these channels (including one famous story involving the awesome dana boyd). I think it’s difficult for the audience too – especially those who try for their own wit to trump listening.

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