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You’ll never look at a menu the same again

Check out this article:
Menu Mind Games
“In his new book, Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It), author William Poundstone dissects the marketing tricks built into menus—for example, how something as simple as typography can drive you toward or away from that $39 steak.”
Read more: Author William Poundstone Dissects the Marketing Tricks Built Into Balthazar’s Menu — New York Magazine
Read it and then come back . . .
Cue – Jeopardy Theme Music.
OK, It is a great metaphor isn’t it?
Think about your library portal and the pages you create.
Are you leading your users to the great content? Are you influencing their decisions?
Is there as much usability there as he describes in menus?
Interesting, eh?

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