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50 Ways to Foster a Culture of Innovation

The Heart of Innovation blog has this this latest list:
50 Ways to Foster a Culture of Innovation
Some of my favourite samples of the 50:
3. Have more fun. If you’re not having fun (or at least enjoying the process) something is off.
4. Always question authority, especially the authority of your own longstanding beliefs.
5. Make new mistakes.
7. Increase the visual stimuli of your organization’s physical space. Replace gray and white walls with color. Add inspiring photos and art, especially visuals that inspire people to think differently. Reconfigure space whenever possible.
9. Ask questions about everything. After asking questions, ask different questions. After asking different questions, ask them in a different way.
10. Ensure a high level of personal freedom and trust. Provide more time for people to pursue new ideas and innovations.
15. Notice innovation efforts. Nurture them wherever they crop up. Reward them.
18. Encourage people to get out of their offices and silos. Encourage people to meet informally, one-on-one, and in small groups.
27. Make customers your innovation partners, while realizing that customers are often limited to incremental innovations, not breakthrough ones.
31. Develop a process of trying out new concepts quickly and on the cheap. Learn quickly what’s working and what’s not.
32. Avoid analysis paralysis. Chaotic action is preferable to orderly action.
36. Get customer feedback before committing resources to a product’s development.
38. Invite outside partners early on when exploring new opportunities. Find ways for your company to partner with others and actively share ideas, technologies, and other capabilities.
41. Don’t make innovation the responsibility of a few. Make innovation the responsibility of each and every employee with performance goals for each and every functional area.
45. Pay particular attention to alignment. Ensure that the interests and actions of all employees are directed toward key company goals, so that any employee will recognize and respond positively to a potentially useful idea.
50. Drive authority downwards. Make decisions quickly at the lowest level possible.
Read the whole list. It might be worth keeping in mind for 2010 strategies.

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