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Top 10 Social Networking Tools and Trends for Libraries from 2009 and for 2010

From the Social Networking for Libraries Blog:
Top 10 Social Networking in Libraries Trends for 2010
“1. An increase in the use of mobile applications for library services. This includes things such as text messaging but also the development of library web pages on .mobi domains for use on mobile devices and maybe even libraries creating iphone applications for their libraries.
2. Even more ebook readers and the popularity of the ones that already exist. New and existing ebook publishers and device manufacturers will find ways for patrons to download and read a higher number of ebooks from popular collections such as ebrary and netlibrary on ebook readers. This is still a challenge and it will be easier by the end of 2010.
3. The usage of more niche social networking sites for the public at large and this will spill over into libraries.
4. An increase in the amount and usage of Google Applications such as Google Wave and other similar applications.
5. The Google Books controversy will more or less be resolved and patrons will begin to use it more.
6. Library websites will become more socialized and customized. Patrons will be able to interact more directly with the library’s website.
7. College libraries will use more open source software and more social networking sites to educate their patrons and for library literacy in order to save money.
8. More libraries will use podcasting and itunes U to communicate with patrons and to offer value.
9. More libraries will offer social networking classes to their patrons.
10. Social networking in libraries will be viewed more as a must and as a way to save money than as a fun thing to play with or to use to market the library.”
Top 10 Social Networking Tools and Trends for Libraries from 2009

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