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Informal Learning Strategies

Adopting an informal learning strategy: some things are best learned on the fly, incrementally, rather than in classrooms or through structured educational systems or processes . . .

Information Outlook, Oct./Nov. 2009 Issue

Informal Learning
by Stephen Abram

“This issue’s theme is “Learning and Training”. Cool. There’s a loads of ways to do that formally. What with CLICK University and all of SLA’s partners you can degree, CE and certificate your way to success very easily in SLA. (Well, not that easily, you also have to attend and do the work. Then again many diplomas are also easy to find, suitable for framing, on the Internet!) However formal learning and training isn’t what I’d like to discuss in this month’s Info Tech column. I want to talk about informal learning – where to do it and what to think about learning informally for the next few months.”

Happy learning.



Posted on: March 10, 2010, 10:28 am Category: Information Outlook

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