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What is in the pipeline?

This is a two part series I did for my Pipeline column in Multimedia and [email protected] magazine for Information Today.

“My wife, Stephanie, will be teaching grade four again next year. In a career spanning 32 years, she has taught every grade from fourth through 13th and has written her fair share of textbooks, books, curricula, and websites. She caught me off guard by telling me that all of the students who will be in her class this September were born in the year 2000. I suppose most people who work with kids would have known this, but the date just caught me by surprise.”

Anyway, what surprises will the future hold for them?

What Is in the Pipeline? Really! Part 1
Multimedia & [email protected], Sep/Oct 2009
by Abram, Stephen

What Is in the Pipeline? Really! Part 2
Multimedia & [email protected], Nov/Dec 2009
by Abram, Stephen

I hope you find it useful.


Posted on: March 10, 2010, 10:56 am Category: Multimedia & [email protected]

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