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What You Aren’t Seeing Anymore?

What You Aren’t Seeing Anymore: Has Technology Changed Our Learners’ Futures Forever?
by Abram, Stephen

Multimedia & Internet@Schools, Jan/Feb 2010

“My title for this month’s column poses an important question and presages a bunch more: Are we preparing our learners for a world that we have already successfully traversed but also one that no longer exists? Are there certain core principles and skills that are always hard currency in society and the employment marketplace? Do civil society and democracy require an informed electorate, and does the decline in newspapers (but not news) imply a need for different strategies? Can one live a happy and successful life without technology skills? Will the future require a vastly different set of skills?”

Anyway, this is my column for the schools sector which I have great fun writing for.


Posted on: March 10, 2010, 10:46 am Category: Multimedia & Internet@Schools

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