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How long has Twitter got? Tweet Tweet Glub?

I thought that this posting from was very interesting.

How long has Twitter got?
Why the service should learn from mistakes made by others
by Karl Hodge

“Twitter, launched in 2006, has become the web’s hottest property.
The here today, gone tomorrow fickleness of the web’s every shifting demographic has embraced, chewed up and spat out a legion of other services, from ICQ to MySpace. Once favoured toys, they’re now forgotten and dusty, languishing at the back of the cupboard.

If we were to assume the same trajectory for Twitter, that would give it a projected lifespan of three, perhaps four more years. On the other hand, it could be one of the lucky ones – a Google, an Amazon or an eBay. It could a transformative service that changes the way we do things.

The consensus among the experts we spoke to is that while everyone believes the microblogging paradigm is here to stay, Twitter as a name is quite another matter.”

It’s a very interesting commentary and I recommond it for your reading file.

That said, this great Mashable graphic gives you an idea of the short history of Twitter:

The Path to 10 Billion Tweets

I read recently that Twitter has become a key job finding and announcement tool as well. Read more here.


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