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Americans and Mobile

The CTIA has released their latest data on cel phone use by Americans. Here’s a link to the executive summary:

To preview the report look at the Year-End 2009 Top-Line Survey Results

Ars Technica is reporting some data too:

Wireless survey: 91% of Americans use cell phones


# “over 285 million Americans are mobile subscribers, about 91 percent of the total population. That’s up 15 million over the same time last year, and growth has slowed somewhat due to market saturation.”
# “285 million callers used 1.12 trillion minutes of talk time in the last half of 2009, up 3.4 percent of the same period in 2008. That breaks down to an average of 6.1 billion minutes used per day, or about 21 minutes per person per day.”
# “The survey revealed that 257 million “data-capable” devices are active on US carriers’ networks. However, roughly 50 million of those are smartphones capable of more advanced wireless services than SMS, MMS, and WAP browsing. Another 12 million are 3G-enabled laptops. Those devices are responsible for the majority of data service revenues.”
# “Americans traded 822 billion text messages—5 billion per day—for the second half of 2009, and over 1.5 trillion for the whole year.”
# “MMS messaging is more than double year-over-year for the last half of 2009, with 24.2 billion photos, videos, and audio clips moving from one mobile phone to another in just six months.”

Sharing is now very mobile. By the way, I was at an art show at the AGO about Alexander Calder, one of my favourite artists, a few weeks agao and the guide said that Calder invented the word ‘mobile’ after having most of his art being ‘stabile’ for his early career. I don’t know if I believe this is to be completely true but it might make a nice cocktail party soundbite some day.


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  1. That is not true. Calder said in an interview that the artist Marcel Duchamp coined the name “mobiles” after seeing Calder’s art. Taking a cue from this, Calder later named his large monolithic sculptures “Stabiles”

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