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Music Lending and Libraries

This posting is a fascinating point in time graphic about the changes being undergone in the music business.

The death of the album (in handy graph form)

OK, here’s the interesting questions.

1. Does your library circulate CD-ROMs or tracks and songs?
2. Does your library circulate DVD or does it stream content?

What sort of experiments and pilots are you doing or following to see how things will change?

I find it interesting that the points of contact are increasing with music lovers – more songs, more ponts of contact versus olden times (my early life) when you mostly had to by full albums. If you wanted a mixtape it took a while, versus the point and click instant collections we can create today.

If a key component of your circulation data is lending music and movie physical objects, are you prepared for adapting to a change?


Posted on: May 19, 2010, 9:23 am Category: Uncategorized