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The Noises Inside my Head

I love Seth Godin but this post hit a little close to home:

Is this noise inside my head bothering you?

The ego.
The lizard.
The artist.
The boxer.
The zombie.
The carpenter.
The philanthropist.
The evangelist.
And the hunter.

The detail after the link rang true with me this Friday.

Goodness, it’s quite crowded in there.


Posted on: June 11, 2010, 9:33 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Odd Seth should have posted that at this time, if only because I spent a good chunk of yesterday “unfollowing” people on both Twitter and Google Buzz, cutting off “passed on feeds” in Google Reader, and hiding certain types of content on my Facebook stream. (Don’t worry, you survived the day of a hundred knives.)

    Then, this morning, one of the 1/10th I kept on Buzz was crowing about having reached 1,100 followers, with a buzz track that was a countdown and celebration. I’ve asked him in public why any of that matters to him. We’ll see if there’s an interesting reply or if, as with others I’ve asked that question of in the past, it just gets ignored in public in the hope it’ll go away.

    (I had another person whom I pruned from my Twitter feed yesterday, who pushes their tweets to Facebook where he and I interact over them, moan at me that I had “cut into his number of followers”. Sigh.)

    When I think of why I comment on things, and why I choose to write the things I do, the temptation to do it simply for ego, artistic recognition or to fall into the trap of zombie-like commentary is immense. Ideally, most of what I’d have to say would be philanthropic, evangelical or the work of a carpenter. Mostly, it’s not, because those are very high standards to try and hit if one chooses not to simply stay silent until near perfection is at hand. But it’s my goal, and most of the people I’ve kept seem to, in some ways, share it.

    So what does pruning the garden occasionally give back in return?

    Well, for openers, I’d fallen into the habit of simply clicking “comment” in Google Reader rather than coming to the author’s site to leave a deposit. (I’m tired of the need for captchas and the like, but that’s another story.) Although my followers at Buzz, Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook got the original article and link, plus my comment on it, the author him/herself didn’t necessarily see it. I hope to have more time to do what I’m doing here while still getting work done — and my personal work done (don’t we all have professional and personal work?).

    Of course, now the poor author, if she/he follows me elsewhere, will get it twice. There’s a price for everything.

    “Goodness, it’s quite crowded in there” is probably the single greatest reason there is to balance “how much to take part in” with “focus on what matters”. All of Seth’s archetypes will be there, constantly. The question is: are you feeding the chatter between them, or muting them to get some quiet for real work?

  2. Hmmm, looks like Seth has been studying the Enneagram again!