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eBooks vs Print Books – the basics

These are great questions posted by the Effing Librarian:

Minus the “E”

“Consider these questions:

1. What is the correct procedure for borrowing and reading a book from the library? Do I need a library card to get one?
2. I did it once a while ago, but I can’t remember how. How are the books organized? Can I find them by author?
3. And what do I do after I have the book? How do I open it? Is it intuitive? How do I advance through it?
4. I’m also interested in bookmarking in case I stop reading for a while: will the book remember where I left off or is there something else I need to do?
5. And when I’ve finished with it, what do I do? Does it get returned immediately, or do I need to do something? Does the book just disappear when my time is up?

These all seem like legitimate questions with the “E” added. Remove it and you sound like an idiot.”

Hear, hear!

I’d add – what is ‘synch’ and why does it take so long? How do you tell when it’s done”

Yep – I’ve been downloading books for a while now to PC’s, Macs, Kindles, iPhones, iPads, Sony Readers, Kobo’s, Nooks, etc. I never think that the word ‘intuitive’ is a great word since intuitive behaviour is also to some degree learned as well, and I am willing to invest a littel tmie. However, some of these e-book downloading, using and reading interfaces are aggressively counter–intuitive!

Sign. Evolution is hard.



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  1. thanks for the link. sometimes it feels so lonely out here in the blogosphere, it’s nice to get a little company. coffee?

  2. Jennifer Morales said

    I thought this was an interesting just released news item to share: Sony starts e-reader program for libraries

  3. Anytime!