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The web is apparently dead (yawn)

From the latest Wired Magazine cover story . . .

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet
By Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff

I am sure they don’t mean ‘dead’. It’s just that you’re not allowed to write cover stories unless you declare somethng dead, out or the latest fad/thing. Clearly from thei graphic above the Internet is a variegated ecology and various environments have diferent and mutating market shares.
For an aternative representation of the above graphic s=check out Boing Boing’s:

Is the web really dead?
by Rob Beschizza

If anything is alive it’s spam – in my e-mail, my website, my blog comments, everywhere (often/usually in languages I don’t understand). Where are the morons who buy insurance or drugs, real estate or shoes through spam adverts? Can’t someone do an interview story about them?


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