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Tablet Forecast – up up and away but not just iPads

iPads don’t own the public consicousness yet or maybe never. But, we will see a huge increase in tablets owned by libary users this year. Watch for the Xmas present market to be huge.

Note to Apple: 27 Million Americans Are Buying a Tablet Next Year, and it Might Not Be Yours

“A new survey out of Forrester reports 14% of Americans plan on purchasing a tablet device next year—that’s 27 million people.”

Most are not wdded to the idea that it needs ot b an APple iPad. “Only 3.8% of future buyers said they were wedded to an iPad.”

“Current owners are largely “high-earning, educated, likely to travel for business, and more likely to be male.”

“Almost 3.5 million iPads sold since it launched in April ago, but the evidence is mounting that its success has at least something to do with being the only show in town.”

Read the Forrester report (15 page PDF)

August 19, 2010
US Tablet Buyers Are Multi-PC Consumersby Sarah Rotman Epps


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