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New Gale Cengage Mobile Apps: Droid, iPhone, iPad

I haven’t updated you folks recently on the free mobile apps from Gale Cengage Learning so I thought I’d do that today.

The big news is that the droid app was released this week! AND we have iPhone apps for the public library, school library and university/college library sectors. AND I use my iPad app all the time! AccessMyLibrary is one of those things that is just a no-brainer to download to your own smartphone and to put an icon on your webpage(s).

AccessMyLibrary Public Edition uses GPS to find public libraries within a 10-mile radius of the user’s location then provides free access to credible Gale online resources.

After a one-time log-in, AccessMyLibrary School Edition supplies students with free, unlimited access to their school library’s Gale online resources.

Using your college e-mail address, AccessMyLibraryCollege gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to your college library’s Gale online resources.

Check out the whole family of apps here:

There are end user and librarian views and easy to add widgets and icons to promote this service from your library.

I get pretty excited about the potential to deliver the library’s goodness right to the user’s pocket. Play with these and see for yourself.


Posted on: October 7, 2010, 10:32 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. It’s too bad these apps don’t work on the iPhone 3G. I’ve let Gale know about the issue, but they have not responded. Pretty irresponsible of them, if you ask me.

  2. Oleg: I personally have an iPhone 3G and AccessMyLibrary works fine for me everywhere that I travel – which is a lot of places! I’ve also seen many people using it on 3G, 3GS and iTouch devices. Anyway, I checked with our tech folks as to why you might be having trouble. They suggested that you might not have an up-to-date iPhone operating system on your phone. I update mine to the latest version whenever it’s suggested. So, my best advice is to update your iPhone and try to download the app again. The Apple app store is pretty rigorous in making sure these apps operate on their phones.
    I apologize that you didn’t get an answer the first time you tried.