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Not dead yet: the danger of ‘End-ism’
by Simon Waldman

This wise article is a good exploration of the grey zone between something being hot and something being dead – technology, print, PC, the web, whatever. It is worth the read to remember that there there are always opportunities and uncertainties in any present scenario.

Here’s the conclusion first but read the article:

“These are big management challenges with plenty of opportunity for good and bad results along the way. We are still in the middle of the roller-coaster ride, not on a graceful descent towards ‘the end of print’. In fact, what is most remarkable about the last decade has been just how few newspapers have actually closed. I’m writing this sitting on an affluent commuter – six people are sitting around me, all are reading newspapers, and only one of them is a freesheet.

Even if we are entering the end-game in some sectors, there is still plenty to play for. Rather like the final third of a chess game, or putting in golf, everything can be won or lost with a few careless moves. To stretch the analogy, any average player can hit a decent drive down a nice open fair way on a sunny day, it takes a real pro to land a 12ft put when the world is watching.

So, when everyone starts talking about ‘the end’ of something, what they’re really saying – is that the real test of management’s capabilities has only just begun.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing this terrific article. It led me to further explore Waldman’s blog and his book, which in turn led me to another interesting book (yet to be published) ‘Obliquity’ by John Kay which argues that we can learn about our objectives and how to achieve them only through a gradual process of risk taking and discovery. Advice which seems applicable to managing a library as well.