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Oct. 4-15, 1582

Today is the 428th anniversary of . . . nothing.

428 years ago today there was no day because from Oct. 4-15, 1582, the Pope removed 11 days from the year in order to ‘fix’ the calendar.

Oct. 8, 1582: Nothing Happens … in Catholic Lands
by Randy Alfred

“1582: Nobody does anything, anything at all. In fact, nobody does anything whatsoever between Oct. 4 and Oct. 15, 1582, because the 10 intervening days have simply been declared out of existence by the pope.”

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So, here’s my idea and I give it to you for free.

Write a book about what happened between Oct. 4 and 15th in 1582. You can’t be wrong. Use your imagination. Hey! You could even make this a class assignment.

And of course this calendar change required a lot of planning (what if your birthday fell during the period!). Many countries resisted and some religions use different calendars to this day. There are many creitive ways to deal with the irregular rotation of the earth and leap years, etc. but the primary European calendar of the time was changed forever.


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