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North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota

Well. I finally made it back to North Dakota and had a wonderful time in Fargo and Minnesota doing an all day workshop. The slides for the morning session for both ND and SD are embedded below. But I have to say the highlight for me in ND/MN was the open focus group in the afternoon with library users of all types. Every time I do this sort of panel interview I am more sure than ever that we need to talk to our users more and more. I always learn something new.

In South Dakota we added an afternoon discussion about advocacy for libraries of all types. It was fun for me too and I hope it was fun for the whole group. Here are the slides for that session:

Lastly, this was the best part for me. We drove from North Dakota to South Dakota for my first trip to SD. It was awesome and very pretty (and flat!). It’s pheasant hunting season now so there were lots of hunters and, I’m told, they’re legally allowed to shoot within 660 feet of the highway. Had a great day with SD library folk after a great day with ND/MN library folk. It’s fun travelling north to the U.S. from Canada.

So now I’ve been in every single state in the U.S. except for West Virginia. I wonder if I’ll ever get to meet library folk there.


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  1. Love to see you using transliteracy in presentations!

    See you soon!