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Diversity in Librarianship

Yep, there is a great range of diversity in librarian hobbies. From LIS News:

Librarian enters the Guinness Book of Records for collecting 22.1 grams of ‘belly button fluff ‘

“As hobbies go, it’s not something you are likely to share with too many friend on the grounds of good taste.

But that’s not a problem for librarian Graham Barker who is celebrating being recognised by the Guinness Book of Records – for collecting ‘belly button fluff.’

He has saved 22.1 grams of lint – after ‘harvesting’ it every day for 26 years and has even considered stuffing a cushion with his bizarre collection.”

Read more here in the Daily Mail.

I’ve obviously wasted the last 26 years seeking fame and fortune as a librarian! I likely don’t have time to catch up.



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