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Our Kobo Reader #fail

Rant ahead – ignore if you want:

Just spent two or three hours on the phone wasting time talking to the Kobo Reader helpdesk. They seem to have issued a software update a few weeks ago that broke all of their non-wireless readers. They chose not to tell any of us even though they have our e-mail addresses. Amazingly, I blamed myself and thought I was doing something wrong until I finally called. I should know better.

When you call they feign disinterest, apologize, and make you delete all old software and reinstall and do all sorts of other gymnastics. Our reader still won’t work and I can’t get the books we bought on to the reader. I am so mad and powerless. They made out a ticket for moving it up to tech support and they said they’d call back within a week but didn’t ask for my phone number so we’ll see!

I leave in a few hours for New Zealand and don’t get home for 3 weeks. My poor wife, Stephanie, will be reduced to reading hardcopies or dealing with this helpdesk alone!

Laughably their Silicon Sally voice attendant tells you to go to H T T P colon forward slash forward slash kobo dot senddesk dot com forward slash forums for more info and frequently asked questions!! At least I got a laugh out of that since senddesk wasn’t spelled out and it’s really zendesk! And who tells web users to use http:// anymore????

I’ll see if anything happens to fix this and keep you informed.



Posted on: November 22, 2010, 3:09 pm Category: Uncategorized

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