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Attending Virtual Meetings and Conferences

This is arguably a time of increasing dynamic and constant change.
That’s hard and tiring.

In order to deal with change we must adapt as individuals and as a profession. No more can we complain that there’s not enough time to learn what’s needed to adapt and change. Getting too far behind is scarier than trying hard.

So, for the 2011, start planning now to increase your skills at attending virtual meetings and conferences. They’re often free or less expensive. I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a few recently that were partially or totally virtual. It wasn’t quite the same but I don’t think it was a lesser experience for me or the audiences. It was just different.

Anyway, here’s a post that I found helpful:

Top Ten (10) Reasons To Attend Meetings Virtually in 2011

“1. You need to save your institution money. Virtual attendance costs nothing e.g., no travel, accommodation or meal costs
2. You need to be close to home, and close to your workplace
3. You need to save time, and you have no ‘down time’ or ‘away time’
4. When you want to participate in a meeting, and your schedule allows you to do so online
5. Increasingly, virtual attendance is almost the same as the face-to-face (F2F) e.g., when NOT attend as required
6. When you want to see supporting media for presentations, including video clips and powerpoints
7. When you want to interact with your colleagues prior to, during or after event e.g., Twitter backchannel
8. When you want to participate in all conference sessions BUT cannot be there in person
9. Virtual presentations are very green and help to reduce carbon footprints
10. Traveling is getting more and more complex e.g., full-body scanners”

Add more reasons in the comments and I just might do a whole bunch of free webinars in 2011!

And, lastly, do get out! Go to a couple of conferences in 2011 too. We need the face-to-face just as much now.


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