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Friday Fun: The Snow Skeleton and OLA Superconference

It that time of year and as our minds turn to the OLA Superconference in Toronto next week, we know the weather will turn – since that’s the OLA tradition!

street art (cold as ice)

I am really looking forward to the Ontario Library Association Superconference. I’ve been involved in the development of four sessions. These are all on the “Meet the” theme. We always say we are end user focused as librarians yet we rarely hear from anyone beyond authors, management consultants, politicians or other librarians at our conferences. We don’t really hear that often from real users. So, I suggested and helped create four sessions where we will meet end users and interview them as the whole session. If you’re coming to OLA, be sure to check out:

Meet the Millennials (Opening Session, 8pm, Wednesday Feb. 2)
Meet Today’s Scholar (3:45pm, Thursday Feb. 3)
Meet the Boomers (3:45pm, Friday Feb. 4)
Meet the Seniors (10:45am, Saturday Feb. 5)

I hope it’s fun and educational and just like the skeleton above, we put our hearts into our work.


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