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10 Simple Things To Get More Out of Technology

This recent article from the New York Times offers some simple and reasonable tips to get more out od technlogy and reduce the frustration. (Thanks Bobbi for the link.)

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Technology
by Sam Grobart, New York Times

1. Get a smartphone
2. Stop using internet explorer
3. Upload your photos to the cloud
4. Get music off your computer
5. Back up your data
6. Set up a free file-sharing service
7. Get free antivirus software
8. Get a better deal from your cable, phone and internet provider
9. Buy a lot of charging cables
10. Calibrate your HDTV

The details and reasons are in the article.

Try it. You’ll be glad you did.


Posted on: January 22, 2011, 8:02 am Category: Uncategorized

3 Responses

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  1. Donna Olendorf said

    That’s an intriguing list. Guess I’ll have to read the full article to understand the rationale. You’ve piqued my curiosity.

  2. Karen Taylor said

    I already had four of these covered – was prompted to do another 4 (thank goodness), and 2 don’t really apply to me – this is a dynamite list!

  3. Batarang said

    It is an intriguing list.
    1) Too expensive right now.
    2) Already do this.
    3) Don’t take many photos.
    4) Most of my music is on CD.
    5) Don’t do this as often as I should.
    6) I’d share as much as I could if it wasn’t illegal.
    7) Already do this.
    8) Yeah, right.
    9) Don’t have a need to charge many things.
    10) First thing I did with my plasma after I completed the burn-in time.