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A few tidbits from Amazon and the National Reading Summit (Canada):

1. Announces Fourth Quarter Sales up 36% to $12.95 Billion

2. Jeff Bezos pointed out that this was their first quarter to exceed ten billion dollars in revenue.

3. Kindle books now outsell paperbacks This was months sooner than expected and six months after Amazon announced Kindle book sales had overtaken hardcover sales.

4. Of course, you already know that the Kindle is the bestselling product in Amazon’s history surpassing any bestseller on Amazon. Too bad it negects libraries in its strategy.

5. When it comes to books, Canadians read a lot but also worry a lot

“Canadians may be surprised by how many books they brought home in just one week: It’s safe to predict the number will be in the millions. Sales figures already show that Canadians buy more than one million a week; urban library systems report weekly print circulation numbers in the tens or even hundreds of thousands.”

“At the functional level, Canadian literacy is doing fine: Recent international test scores show 15-year-old Canadian students, when compared with their peers in other developed countries, continue to perform above average as readers.”

The book is dead. Yeah right.


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