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eCommerce and Libraries

Sometimes in library land we ignore what is happening in the for-fee commercial space. This is a bad idea. Even though libraries often don’t charge a fee (beyond fines and many libraries now support online fine payment) we can learn a lot from the fee-based online purchasing market. Check out this graphic:

Ecommerce Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Anyway, when you see data from the commercial space think about:

1. online book retail sales are one interesting space to see numbers that align with some library usage scenarios.
2. e-book sales numbers tell a story too.
3. going beyond traditional library object transactions, we can learn about end user elasticity in using these models.
4. We can also see end user technology acceptance for web transactions.
5. We can also see how they are handling personal information, credit card numbers, etc.
6. And, wow, we can see what sites are popular in this space and might have models for transactions that we can test or have some end-user acceptance.

There’s a lot to lear from the commercial sapce for non-profit users.


Posted on: April 5, 2011, 7:08 am Category: Uncategorized

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