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The Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2010: Insights from U.S. Academic Library Directors

The Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2010: Insights from U.S. Academic Library Directors is available for free download here.

My colleague, Roger Strong, highlighted some key insights from this latest survey of academic library directors by Ithaka. Some of his noted highlights are:


– Only 35% of library directors strongly agree that their library has a well-defined strategic plan to handle changing user needs and research habits

– Over 90% of library directors when asked about the most important role of the library listed teacher of undergraduate information literacy and teacher facilitator

o This was above the roles of research supporter, archive, buyer, and gateway

o 5 years from now the 2 roles that library directors see increasing for the library are teaching facilitator and research supporter

o Even at doctoral institutions, supporting teaching was second only to supporting faculty scholarship (see Figure 4) The user-facing functions of the library ranked higher than collections development and maintenance, and respondents predicted that research and teaching support will only grow in importance over the next five years. Baccalaureate and master‟s institutions generally placed more emphasis on teaching, while doctoral universities place more emphasis on faculty research.


– If given a 10% increase in their budget next year, most would spend it to acquire online or digital journals, second were tools for discovery

– Only 19% would invest in digital preservation now of their special collections


– By far, adding staff to support teaching and instruction – Definitely speaks to our need to continue to engage research and instruction staff in libraries and how we can support driving usage and awareness of classroom links..


– Over 80% of directors believe it is strategically important that users see the library as the first place to go to discover scholarly content


– One-time purchase model for Ebooks with perpetual access is still by far the most preferred acquisition model – patron driven models are still few and far between…

– Print books are still considered a complement to ebooks, but over 50% of directors believe they will tranisition completely to ejournals within 5 years

– Subject based collections and by individual titles are still the preferred acquisition model to acquiring electronic monographs


– Library directors view their most important mission as supporting teaching and learning

– There is a disconnect between this importance between faculty and the library, primarily due to lack of communication


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