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Watching the Goog

The Google is endlessly fascinating to me. I suppose I’m obsessed. Anyway, I think these few posts are interesting as we watch the leadership change at GOOG, some key employees depart and they play whack-a-mole with the content farming business.

The Top 10 Challenges Facing New Google CEO, Larry Page (VentureBeat)

“Larry Page took over yesterday as chief executive of Google. Here are the top ten things he needs to overcome or manage to prevent the social giant from becoming stale:

1. Deal with Facebook’s incredible growth
2. Circumvent or manage the obstacles in China
3. Stay out of the way of antitrust regulators
4. Catch up with Apple on mobile innovation (debatable)
5. Make Google a good investment (uh, duh)
6. Get users to trust Google in terms of privacy again
7. Retain talent
8. Fix the company’s public image issues
9. Find a new business beyond search (I think it’s called Android)

He has a lot of wind at his back as he takes over from Eric Schmidt.”

THE GOOGLE INVESTOR: Can Larry Page Navigate The Company Through A Possible Antitrust Probe? (GOOG)
via SAI: Silicon Alley Insider

The New Frontier for Content Farms: E-Books
via New Media News for Independent Publishers hand-picked by Robin Good by Audrey Watters


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