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Infographic Advice

Many libraries are entering that time of the year when they are considering the format of their annual reports. Last year we saw some great innovations in virtual and digital annual reports – looks great, green, innovative and saves money! This year I hope we see some new innovations in representing and communicating the impact of libraries on their users and communities and showing our usage statistics and stories in a novel and interesting way. I am particularly interested in those libraries that can show improved satisfaction with services, especially databases and virtual and digital services. If you do or see something that’s good, then let me know in the comments, everyone needs some new examples for telling the library story!

This year we have seen the huge emergence of the ‘infographic’ as a vehicle for engaging our audiences in our numbers. I think that this posting below is excellent and gives good advice on creating good infographics (and shows some bad examples too).

Diagnosing Infographic Bipolarity: Manic & Depressive Fails
by Michael Erin Strong, Blue Glass

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