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The GeoSocial Universe

“Thanks to Jesse Thomas of interactive design agency JESS3, we now have an updated look at the structure of the geosocial universe as it exists in anno domini 2011.”

Infographic: A Look At The Size And Shape Of The Geosocial Universe In 2011
via TechCrunch by Rip Empson

“Some other notable trends in the geosocial universe, courtesy of JESS3:

■ Mobile: 5.3 billion mobile devices are used worldwide — that’s 77 percent of the world’s population
■ Smartphones: 21.8 percent of all mobile devices are smartphones. Despite what one might think, Apple does not top the list in sales—Nokia does
■ Skype: Mobile usage continues to increase thanks to Skype’s wise investment in apps and its mobile platform
■ Facebook: Now tops 629 million registered users with almost 250 million people accessing the site via mobile
■ Qzone: China’s version of Facebook, Qzone, is experiencing supernova-like growth with 480 million registered users
■ Twitter: Broke the 200 million registered user mark with nearly 40 percent of people tweeting via mobile
■ Email: Hotmail still dominates email, but Gmail is gaining fast
■ Yelp: Yelp is topping 50 million unique visitors per month. Its move to team up with OpenTable earlier this year will only increase its relevancy
■ Foursquare and Gowalla: These geosocial specialists are still growing, but growth seems to be slowing down a bit”


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