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The latest blog I`ve added to my RSS feeds is from the esteemed Ken Haycock. Check it out here:

Library Leadership

Anyway, this week`s posting is about the top 10 keys to career success. Ken never says anything wihout a ton of research to back up his point of view. I listen to him.

#10. Understand the education you got.
# 9. Recall always our enduring values.
# 8. Continue to demonstrate that we make a difference.
# 7. Your job title is irrelevant.
# 6. Take advantage of the career resources available to you.
# 5. Develop your network.
# 4. Build your board of directors.
# 3. Continue to learn.
# 2. It is all about you.
# 1. Celebrate.

Read the full post for more detail.

Ken is inviting his huge professional network to submit posts too so you might find me sending a post or two there – if I make it through the edits!


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