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The Problem of ‘Pedagogy’ in a Web 2.0 Era

I think about this a lot. It needs more discussion and experimentation and understanding.

The Problem of ‘Pedagogy’ in a Web 2.0 Era
By Trent Batson in Campus Technology

Some clips:

“In a time of knowledge stability, teach; in a time of rapid change in knowledge, learn…”

“We have left the time of knowledge stability and entered a time of incredibly rapid change. Web 2.0, a term coined in 2004, is a description of the new Web architecture, but is also a historical marker between the era of comfortable stability and the era of unsettling change.”

“Most educators I talk with are unaware of the degree of change necessary today or of the degree to which deep change will continue over the coming decades.”

“There is no requirement that faculty in higher education understand learning theory. Even saying that, and knowing it is true, seems astonishing. How is it possible to make the turn from teaching to learning without knowing what that means? This is the 800-pound gorilla in the middle of the room.”

“To make the turn from teaching to learning become a reality and not just a phrase, the first step should be toward a faculty development effort across the board to dramatically increase awareness of the basic research in learning theory of the past 30 years.”

“When we in higher education do talk about learning, we use the word “pedagogy.” Pedagogy, the word itself, refers to studying teaching. It is about teaching, about being, well, “ped-antic.” At its root, the word pedagogy also refers to “leading children,” … We need to understand how adults learn and design the undergraduate experience accordingly.”

“There is movement underfoot. This is not about technology, despite the crucial need to deploy and use technology in the best ways, but about how humans use our new technology.”

Good thoughts here.


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  1. it is time to begin working towards new “science of learning” or ” learning enabled teaching”. In times of stability and static knowledge teaching is enabled by previous learning. In current times, teaching and learning must hand in hand. May be we need ” qedagogy” – science of ” learning enabled teaching”

  2. marcella marcelli said

    Technology has made visible the limits of a teaching which aims at imitation learning: this is why some teachers are not willing to adopt technology.