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The State of Millennials

Here is Lee Rainie’s (Pew Internet & American Life Project) latest presentation (49 slides) on the where the Millennials are at as a demographic in 2011. He compares them to the other generational cohorts as well. Lee presented recent data that focuses on key behavioral statistics of the Millennial generation. Areas covered include:
• Online behavior and technology adoption trends
• Trends in social media participation and reputation management
• Trends in “gadget” ownership, wireless or otherwise
• Voting behavior data from the November 2010 elections, and insights into future voting trends
• New data on how Millennials use the Internet in civic and social groups.”

With the majority of Millennials now in the workforce and starting their childbearing years, this is a good time to review their needs and as a market for libraries.

The State of Millennials


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